Film Technology Division

IP Film Technology


Within our Film Technology division, we are offering the below programmes:

Building our own cinema camera lenses


Designing and making solutions for Cinema Cameras

Designing and finding solutions for cinema cameras

Movie Digital Effects

Movie making

Movie Digital Effects

Technology Club

Creativity, exploring the camera


Working Together & Working Internationally

Within our Film Technology Division, we also offer the Working together and Working Internationally programme:

Imaging Partnership organises yearlong (36 week) STEM and Visual Arts projects between schools in the UK and / or internationally.

The educational programs consist of a main central theme, for example: ‘Young Engineers’ and each school works on a smaller segment of that overall project, independently. Every 6 weeks, IP liaises with each of the schools and provides guidance on how the other school is progressing and approaching their work.

The result is that the two schools working collectively on a centralised project create something that is individualised for them and their community, whilst contributing to a project that establishes links with another school in another country.

At the end of the yearlong STEM / Visual Arts Projects, schools often create a large presentation and have a video conference session with their collaborator school to share insights and best practices.

Teachers at each school have the opportunity to work on other STEM and neuroscience based projects with schools that NeuroHeadway, our sister company, collaborates with as well.

Case Studies of schools working together

Working Internationally

Working Internationally – Advanced


Landmark Film CompanyLFC - High Rez

Landmark Film Company collaborates with students on educational projects that advance imaging technologies in the entertainment industry. We are all about creating projects that inspire and accelerate social change.

Our educational programs provide accessible alternatives for young people to understand how technology, engineering and informatics are essential for imaging technology industries.

Our Innovation Packages are based around two areas:

    • The practical application of Imaging Technologies and producing tangible outcomes from different schools around the world.
    • Creating projects that inspire and accelerate social change.

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