Individualized Curriculum

We recognise that every student, across all age ranges, has different requirements. We offer a large range of education learning programs, with a potential for a flipped classroom:
the teacher acts as a facilitator, therefore every student in each class works on something different, be it a single subject or a cross curricular project.


All students are guided through an individualized curriculum by their own personal A.I Teaching assistant, thereby creating greater emphasis on individualized learning.

Our deep learning systems include all aspects of the National Curriculum and our Artificial Intelligence system works in synchronization with the management of pupil’s achievement in proposing revised curriculum routes and remedial action, where necessary.


Our Individualized Curriculum provides student support platforms, including:

  • Predicting future students performance, based on past patterns of learning

  • Personalizing the learning process for all learners
  • Customising content delivery for individual students interests and abilities
  • Creating a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) within individual students analytics
  • Deep Learning based Products and Educational Services to Schools, from Primary to Secondary level