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Imaging Partnership Education International is a pioneering Vision Learning and Development company, offering programs and resources that explicitly grow skills in Emerging Industries and Technologies, based on our educational expertise within the subjects of Imaging and Optics.

We are working across the World to integrate Imaging and Vision Learning into the Education Sector, via a range of creative and innovative delivery platforms.

Imaging Partnership Education provides support to thousands of registered Schools and Universities in over 25 countries, worldwide. It supervises the moderation procedures for all its courses and develops new Optical Innovations, Programs and Resources in response to the needs of the educational marketplace.

Imaging Partnership has a wide impact on schools internationally. See our Impact Report to read more.

What we stand for:

  • Making learning transferable
  • Raising the expectations of learners
  • Encouraging, engaging and motivating young learners
  • Promoting active and experiential learning
  • Using tailored assessment to further learning


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Our Programmes

Imaging Partnership Education International falls into three categories:

  • Programmes: (for primary and secondary schools) Structured courses, delivered by certified practitioners, that engage and uncover industries of the future
  • Qualifications: Rigorous qualifications, from Entry 1 to level 4, approved by the national regulators for England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales), Northern Ireland (CCEA) and Scotland (SQA).
  • Development Courses: (for Secondary School level only) Accredited courses for high-achieving individuals or small numbers of learners.


See the full list of resources and programmes.


Additional services:

Educational Intelligence Service

Become a Registered Centre – Provide your teaching staff with the ability of delivering material usually delivered by our practitioners

Film Technology Division – Working International


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