We always listen to feedback and develop our service to meet the needs and aspirations of our school partners

Featherstone High School, London

I cannot recommend Imaging Partnership more highly. We worked with Roz Fletcher from the organisation and we ran 2 sets of courses throughout the day which involved a total of over 100 students of ages between14 and 16.

The course sessions covered a huge array of interesting topics such as: bracketing, composition and depth, posters, radial photography, fine art photography, abstract, depth of perspective etc. The teaching materials were fantastic and inspired the students to makes fantastic progress. The students were completely immersed in each week’s subject matter and gained a huge insight into the photographer’s art.

It was a very worthwhile experience for our special educated needs pupils. Michael worked with a small set of students with three teaching assistants, in showing pupils various techniques with the camera together with illustrating to our other teachers special practices that would work well with our golden hour slots.

Carole Lawrence, Deputy Headteacher, Watergate School, Lewisham, London

Michelle came and delivered six sessions in photography at our school and we were very impressed in how she communicated with our SEN pupils, the practical’s we conducted as a group and the sensitivity that she brought to the situation.

Phil Abel, Deputy Headteacher, Brookfield School, Hereford

Shirestone Academy, Birmingham

IP came in and did some school photography photos of our pupils in late June 2013 and it was great success. They worked with our neighbouring primary school Our Lady’s Catholic School who also had a set of school photos taken during the same afternoon.

They were thoroughly well organised, meticulous, concientous and courteous to our staff who worked with the Imaging Partnership team on the day.

The results were outstanding and from our experience, I’d always want to recommend them to other schools across the country for their professionalism and dedication to the arts sector

Clare Lucas, Headteacher

As a primary school teacher myself, it’s been very rewarding for our daughter Lucy to engage with something that will, hopefully, have a great impact on what decisions she makes towards careers. The staff were always helpful and understanding to our needs

Kathryn Marsden, Parent, Oxfordshire

We’ve been out and purchased a new digital camera as we’ve learnt so much about applying photography into other areas within school subjects. It’s been such a huge rewarding experience for us

Patrick McCaffrey, Parent, Somerset

Our son was part of a small group of students who participated in curriculum time sessions in visual arts. It was a very practical course and one that has prompted us to evaluate our hobbies to do together as a family

Karen Sanborn, Parent, Lincoln

It’s a brilliant concept – we were so impressed with how both Picture Train and Imaging Partnership took core subjects and made them accessible through learning about photography. It then branched out into other areas of creative arts, such as animation, filmmaking and graphic design

Anthony Pellman, Parent, Sheffield

Hanham High School, Bristol

Our girls didn’t want the sessions to end – it was so exciting for them to understand more about the opportunities within arts sectors

Shelley College, Huddersfield

We asked Imaging Partnership to extend their courses with us as our pupils are getting so much from them. It’s proving to be a more permanent fixture in our college now

Woodlands Academy, Coventry

Your practitioner was very well prepared and answered all of our questions with regards to technical aspects in lens based media. So there was so much that we didn’t know, it was a big learning curve for us all

Halwill School, Exeter

The teachers as well as the students had so much fun with John, your workshop leader.

Sir Robert Woodard School, Sussex

The success of the workshops with your practitioner Neil has led us to expand our photography darkroom facilities and our media suite. We will definately be working with you again next term as Neil’s expertise has made a positive difference to our media courses.

Pentrehafod School, Swansea

There’s so much to do of so much interest – it’s really ignited the creative arts interests within our students. Your sessions certainly did the job!

Langtree School, Reading

A very immersive experience for everyone and many of the things covered fitted so well with our curriculum topics.

Cheney School, Oxford

Your practitioner Richard worked very well indeed with our students over a 6 month period. Every week, the students gained valuable insights from your practical work and it was a very worthwhile thing for us to do. Your professionalism and committed attitude enabled us, with your help to produce an end of year showcase to parents and Governors.

Edgecliff High School, Staffordshire

Tom engaged terrifically well with the students, especially with our 9 year olds who have shown an
aptitude for lots of areas within film-making and photography.

Freemantle Academy, Southampton

Our pupils didn’t want it all to end. I think you’ve given them so much that we can’t offer here at the school.


Rushcliffe School, Nottingham

We’ve already heard very positive reports from students asking us when we’re doing the next focus day with The Imaging Partnership. The students’ growth in these workshops has been significant.

Abbey Grange School, Leeds

We all very much enjoyed the session with your practitioner Robert and he was extremely personable and knowledgeable about the subject.  It was very good to see the students’ work that he brought with him and it was hard to deny the quality of the work. We loved the flexibility and knowledge that the Imaging Partnership brought to us.

Alderman Bloxhill School, Colchester

Students have been inspired to take up not only work experience placements at local photographic studios, but also take additional study outside of school to progressing their visual media work to the next level ready for University.