PRU guided learning

We provide an engaging, varied and unique range of activities for students through highly relevant contemporary topics of STEM and health and well being. These include an engaging range of topics from artificial intelligence to emotions and feelings, climate change to moral development, robotics to exploring phobias.

Our teaching resources have been designed for primary and secondary aged students who are:

  • At risk of exclusion
  • Excluded
  • Short term exclusion
  • 6th day provision
  • In Isolation
  • Anxiety / Mental health student
  • Offsite learner
  • In transition between schools

Content of the resources has been provided by practising experts in their fields in health and wellbeing and STEM subjects.

Each 10 minute bitesize activity is complete in itself or could cascade into the next 10 minute activity – whichever is appropriate.

These resources are appropriate for:

  • Live teaching sessions
  • Supporting students with their broader learning
  • Drop in sessions for learning independently
  • Scheduled timetabled sessions for key topics, issues and themes
  • Prompting and supporting group learning sessions

Thanks to our comprehensive library of resources, every student can follow a unique individual learning plan solely created for them.  Talk to us about your needs and we will put together a corresponding package for you and your students. With teacher supervision, they can be accessed online and downloaded to use on demand.