Teacher Testimonials

Hillwest Primary School, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

“We have used Picture Train extensively and it was really worthwhile. The pupils took to the activities very well indeed and we were able to slot it in as a resource with what we had planned that week. It also saved us a lot of time in preparing for the next session – it was all planned for us. Brilliant”


Ascoughfee Independent Prep School, Lincolnshire

“We were part of the BBC Children in Need ‘One Day in May’ event and it was successful here. Aside from raising money for an important cause, myself and other teachers learnt a great deal about digital photography and so did our pupils. We’re looking very forward to gathering interest for the November event now!”


Reigate Parish School, Surrey

“A much loved event here with the children and really worthwhile project for us at the school. We’d like to do more of this in the future!”


Trinity Primary School, Oxfordshire

“We had a terrific response and they were shared with all our children in a special assembly.”


Crescent Primary School, Nottingham

“We have 6 displays up and around school – the project and ideas were terrific.”


Rose Street Primary School, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

“It is an area that schools would like to get into but don’t always have the chance or expertise.”   


Pentrehafod School, Swansea, Wales

“Really fun, really engaging and the teachers learnt so much as well. It was a terrific experience.”


Wansdyke Primary School, Bristol, Avon   

“Very engaging and exciting for our pupils. We will want to integrate this for our school, going forward.”


Abberley Hall Independent School, Worcestershire

“It’s a wonderful concept and service for secondary and independent schools. It’s benefits are precise, explicit and the service itself is ready to be used by teachers straight away.”


Rednock School, Gloucestershire

“It creates an enormous amount of feedback and development dialogue with those working in the creative world and to those looking how to integrate themselves in this world, once they leave high school.”


Winsham Primary School, Somerset

“The pupils and staff would always recommend you to other schools.”


Westfield Primary School, Staffordshire  

“The ideas and structure are brilliant, the children love it and we all learn so much as well here every week. It’s been a really worthwhile service.”


Lydd Primary School, Kent

“It’s been a brilliant learning curve for us all and the ideas that have come out of it have been really worthwhile!”


Muirfield Primary School, Aberdeen, Scotland

“It’s been such a different lesson for the Children to enjoy and one that we’ll be looking to do again.”


Pool Hayes Community School, Walsall, West Midlands

“The work carried out by your company is truly amazing, especially the different aspects of PSHE and Science you are making available. The workshops were enjoyed by our pupils and all walked away with new skills that they would class as important in day-to-day life.”


Cheney School, Oxfordshire

“Students from across the school were extremely engaged. The resources made excellent use of the school’s ICT facilities to develop student’s skills, which contributed to this enriching experience.”


Abbey Grange School, Leeds, Yorkshire

“It was very good to see the students work together and it’s hard to deny the quality of the resources.”


Sacred Heart Girls School, Central London

“We had lots of good feedback from the girls, and the resources were very much in use again today!


Shipston on Stour Primary School, Warwickshire

“Our teachers here really value the resources and we use them all of the time, for different purposes.


Sir William Ramsay Academy, Buckinghamshire

“Our Head of PSHE really values what you offer and really need a focus on this in the curriculum now more than ever.


St. Norberts Primary School, Lincolnshire

“This is something that we’ve really required in recent years and what you offer is excellent service.


Wicklewood Primary School, Norfolk

“We’d like to see more and more differentiated modules you have as we use them all the time and need more material, they’re so useful.


Rickling Primary School, Essex

“As acting Headteacher, this is one area that we don’t have expertise in – I’m learning all the time how we, as a team of colleagues, can work with pupils from different backgrounds.


Pitton Primary School, Wiltshire

“As a small rural school, we often find it difficult to find companies that offer innovative, new resources for our staff and this is certainly one of them.


Gateway Primary School, Oxfordshire

“It’s terrific to finally see this become an important initiative in schools, worldwide.


Norwells Primary School, Nottinghamshire

“We have two federation schools that we work and share resources with. This is something that we’ll be using for some time to come.


Woodton Primary School, Suffolk

“We came to know of this company through a recommendation and it’s become a really fruitful relationship for all of us, including parents.


Shakespeare Infant School, Hampshire

“Our golden time each week is dedicated to this.


Castle Court Prep School, Dorset

“As an Independent School, we look at new resources carefully and prudently. This came from a recommendation from a local school that we have links with and it’s been delightful.


St. Monica’s Primary School, Liverpool

“Each week, we follow the thread of resources that we’ve subscribed to and each week the students are improving in their logical and lateral thinking skills.


Herbert Strutt Primary School, Derbyshire

“We were looking at outside, imaginative resources to use for our gifted and talented pupils, once per week. These resources were really insightful.


Bewick Bridge Primary School, Cambridgeshire

“We always look out for more, updated resources each month to integrate into our curriculum.


Deanesfield Primary School, Middlesex

“It’s always very interesting to us as to what new topics and activities are updated and we are continuously impressed with what we have access to, regularly.


Hooe Primary School, Devon

“It’s such an interesting service and one that we’ve not encountered before.