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To elevate the social and cultural significance of film through innovative film technology and international education initiatives


For students to understand the language of film and integrate their skill sets into our education programs


Our Values

For Students to develop an appreciation and understanding for artistic authorship, beyond the film community



Curriculum Innovation Packages

Our Curriculum Innovation Packages (CIP) utilise student expertise on projects that advance imaging technologies in the entertainment industry, for young filmmakers. These provide accessible alternatives for young people to understand how technology, engineering and informatics are essential for imaging technology industries.

Our Innovation Packages are based around two areas

  • Creating projects that inspire and accelerate social change.
  • The practical application of Imaging Technologies and producing tangible outcomes from different schools around the world.



Primary Film Production

Maths and Engineering

Science and Technology



Social Action Campaigns

Inter. Film and Theatre

Working Internationally


For all students

Using camera technologies used in movies

Building our own cinema camera lenses

Creativity, exploring the camera

Designing and finding solutions

Designing and making solutions

Movie Digital Effects

Movie making


Camera Technology Innovation Solutions

Our aim is to help young people discover more about camera technology innovations and enable students to create working examples of cinematic arts in a classroom environment.

Innovative technology is rapidly changing the way we use a camera and we collaborate with every single student that wants to discover more about imaging through our premiere course programme.


Optical Schools Award

Teachers can choose from one of the three certificates to present to their pupils on completion of the course


Expressive Arts Award

Commitment Award

Visual Arts Award

Optical Schools Award



Case Studies

Our Case Studies

Innovation Case Studies

International Spotlight on Collaboration

cs 1

CS 2