Practitioner Division

IP Practitioner Division

Join Imaging Partnership Education Partner Network!

Imaging Partnership Education Partner Network (IPPN) provides unparalleled opportunities to:

  • Build your business around Imaging Partnership Education’s comprehensive product and services portfolio
  • Develop expertise and differentiate your offerings
  • Promote and sell your unique solutions to the education sector
  • Eligible for telephone-based partner management support
  • Access to Imaging Partnership Education library of e-learning content
  • Build your own photography business through an extensive rota of new clients
  • Build upon your own business brand
  • Create your own bespoke curriculum programs with help from our education team
  • Have a proven, accessible, turnkey successful business system created for you, in your own geographical area
  • Upsell existing products from Imaging Partnership to your local schools, colleges and Universities.
  • Deliver a high profit margin photography service yourself or with partners who you recruit
  • Have Imaging Partnership help recruit additional practitioners for you to deliver learning programmes across the region
  • Have an experienced helpdesk provider work with you for any ongoing support you require for when working in the education sector
  • Sell learning programs for as much as you want to, into schools


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