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Delivered into the classroom by teachers or teaching assistants, our lesson plans and other resources teach much more than simply how to take better photographs!

Photography is creative and fun and when shared, it breaks down all sorts of barriers.

Our resources deliver more than simply taking better photographs! We believe by learning how to take great photographs, children can use their new skills to enhance all aspects of the school curriculum and their whole lives. That is why we have created practical photography projects that encourage children to thoughtfully observe and focus on the world around them. Working practically and creatively at core curriculum subjects, we are using photography as the vehicle for learning.

Our learning modules, developed with teachers, parents and children, open up a new and exciting visual world for young people aged 3 – 11.

Our resources are designed to be fun and highly practical and provide a range of photography led projects and lesson plans for teachers and worksheets for learners. Enjoy the learning journey with Snapper, our intrepid photographer who is on hand to help everyone to learn new skills and use them to great effect.

Picture Train evolved from our long-standing experience of delivering practical and interactive photography workshops in schools. Join the growing community of teachers, parents and children who come to learn about photography and how it can be translated into the curriculum in fun and exciting ways.

By subscribing to Picture Train, teachers, pupils and parents have 24/7 access to learning opportunities including photography projects, downloadable worksheets, competitions and connection to a growing community of budding photographers in schools across the UK.

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Learning Stations – your ticket to better photography

An annual subscription to Picture Train is your ticket to four Learning Stations designed to support Key Stages 1 and 2.

These progressive Learning Stations – all characterised by the intrepid Snapper – take us step by step through the learning experience and provide helpful tips along the way.

We’ve catered for all learning styles and made provision for children with special needs and gifted and talented children as part of the learning package.

Station 1
Introduction to photography – where a range of teaching resources help children to learn how to handle a digital camera and the basics of how to take a good picture.

Station 2
Learning specialist photography techniques such as portrait, sports, documentary and nature.

Station 3
Translating photography into the curriculum. Subjects include English, Maths, History, Science, RE, ICT, Geography, MFL, PSHE, Design & Technology are just a click away.

Station 4
Photography Masterclass – resources for children who want to take their creativity to the next level.



To reward children as they engage with Picture Train, we have provided a series of downloadable Snapper’s Award certificates – great for presenting in assemblies and prize giving events. Look out for our national photography competitions. We’re launching these so that schools can develop further creative connections. This is all part of our vision to establish a national school photography community.

School, Home and Away

Registering for Picture Train online means that Teachers can get on board anytime. This means resources can be accessed 24/7 and can be delivered in Class Time, Breakfast clubs, After school clubs, Wet days play times, Holiday clubs, Teacher INSET days.


Written in English, our lesson plans and other resources provide a perfect platform for pupils to learn and practise their English.  Children work practically and creatively at their English launguage and core curriculum subjects using photography as the vehicle for learning.

Get on board now!

Sign Up for Picture Train now!  Once you have signed up and received your Password log in, you are ready to go. Access to the full Picture Train journey is a one off fee of just £96 (plus VAT)!



Picture Train resources are:

  • Encouraging children to see the ‘extraordinary’ in the ‘ordinary’ by looking at their world in a new way
  • Creating cross curricular links within photography projects
  • Encouraging technology enhanced learning using digital cameras and ICT available in the classroom and at home
  • Encouraging an inquisitive and motivated approach to learning
  • Giving children equal opportunities to develop their creative potential
  • Developing leadership skills through opportunities to direct photography projects
  • Enhancing team building through group involvement in photography sessions
  • Developing planning and personal organisation skills within individual and group projects
  • Enabling gifted and talented children to extend their skills through our Learning Station 4 – Masterclass
  • Providing lesson plans adaptable for children with special needs
  • Helping children learn and improve their English language and literacy
  • Developing enhanced communication skills through visual storytelling
  • Cultivating fun and enjoyment!


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