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Premiere Learning Programmes

We have an innovative range of Premiere learning programmes which integrate practical hands on problem solving with optics at its core. These programmes have been designed to take students on a journey of discovery to provide a valuable foundation in optics and how it can be translated into a number of evolving industries.

Our Premiere programmes have been designed to incorporate the technology known as adaptive learning. This is an educational method which uses computers, mobiles, iPhones, iPads and tablets as an interactive teaching device, and to provide tailored resources according to the unique needs of each learner. See our range of Premiere Learning Programmes.


DSC_7454Individualised Adaptive Learning

The development of adaptive content means that we are helping schools to deliver appropriate curriculum and services for each individual student. And as our innovative and relevant programmes are delivered in local settings, we are all able to gain and share insights to individual and aggregated learning paths and best practices. We are working creatively to devise innovative solutions that help you improve outcomes, add value and meet the                                                                                                                                            expectations of today’s students.

We accept the increasingly data-driven culture within education and provide products and services that make a difference and keep students on track to achieving their goals. Our international reach identifies emerging educational markets and is building previously unknown relationships. Our intention is to promote global collaboration.

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Mobile Solutions

We are developing our programmes to be to deliverable on any device. We aim to provide highly engaging mobile experiences. We understand that improving outcomes is top of mind for primary and secondary schools worldwide. With solutions designed for the modern learning environment, we work in partnership with you to achieve the personalised experience students expect, and help your students reach their academic goals.

All programmes have been designed for students aged 7 to 11 years.

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Benefits for TeachersDSCN0852

Premiere learning programmes bring obvious rewards for students. For teachers, delivering our practical and thoughtful resources into the classroom bring significant benefits too. These include interactive whiteboard resources, gamification and whiteboard animations, cross curricular learning for all abilities, community involvement, behaviour management tools, rapid e-learning systems, and bonus time saving as all lesson plans are supplied within the package.

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DSCN7527Discovering Imaging Family

We have an innovative range of products and services for teachers in our Discovering Imaging Family.

For complete flexibility, schools can follow the whole Family or simply opt to purchase one or more programmes of their choice. Programmes start from one hour teaching time delivered by teachers in the school.



Photo Pioneers Toolkit

Designed to be used as an instant ‘learning boost’ in the school day or a quick engaging workshop for children at home, our Photo Pioneers Toolkit provides a kit-bag of standalone workshops and learning exercises for children aged 7 to 11. The study packs are a great way of diving into photography and optics linked with emerging industries such as medial healthcare, applied engineering, consumer optics and informatics. The packs come ready to use in the form of Powerpoint presentations, which may either be printed, for the pupils to make notes/sketches and to print photos and glue them into the booklets on ‘My Images’ sheets, or they may be used in digital form, where images can be uploaded directly. The perfect outcome would be for children to have their booklets printed cost effectively through our free CREATE programme.


Snapper_equip1Picture Train resource

Picture Train creatively links photography into the primary school curriculum. Join the growing community of teachers, parents and children who come to learn about photography and how it can be translated into the curriculum in fun and exciting ways. Enjoy the learning journey with Snapper, our intrepid photographer who is on hand to help everyone to learn new skills and use them to great effect. Find out more about Picture Train accreditation.

Registering for Picture Train online means that teachers can get on board anytime. This means resources can be accessed 24/7 and can be delivered in class time, breakfast clubs, after school clubs, wet days play times, holiday clubs, teacher INSET days.



Photography in STEM

STEM is widely seen as a programme to inspire and motivate young people to consider a science based route into the workplace, offering careers which are challenging in a technologically based, ever changing environment.

Through a series of entertaining and educational sessions based on practical hands-on experiences, these workshops are designed to give an appreciation of how Science contributes to everyday applications, through the medium of Photography and for children to gain an insight into a range of related careers.


Careers in Photography (for secondary only)

This is the most comprehensive course available for those interested in pursuing Photography as a career. Not only does it include all the necessary skills in handling a DSLR with a range of lenses, together with a full range of advanced techniques, but also takes in employability and career development skills such as CV writing, interview techniques and workplace skills. For those who may wish to ‘go it alone’, there is also a section on setting up a photography based business.


DSCN7952Changing the World Through Optics

This course brings together the full range of career options for those interested in the Art and Science of Imaging by exploring the work of photographers in their specialist areas, including Portraiture, Fashion, Travel and Sports, but also specialist optics areas such as Health and Engineering.

It will also include our exciting innovation workshops, which are designed to support and advise students and teachers on how to use the subject of optics with producing tangible working models in areas that have enterprise opportunities for schools. The main areas that we look at include: optical design engineering, aerospace engineering, and medical engineering and cinematography lenses.


Introduction to Cinematic Arts

Designed to give an insight into the expertise that goes into making a movie, this fascinating course offers the opportunity become involved in the full range of activities, including skills in film making, visual effects, sound design and editing, but also in areas such as fashion and 3D design.










Preparation for GCSE Photography Programme

Workshops are designed to prepare students for their GCSE creative arts studies enabling them to fully engage with their photography modules by being competent DSLR camera operators. The workshops are delivered in a highly practical way and cover every aspect of photography from how to hold a camera through to specialised photography techniques. There are dedicated workshops focusing on portraits, landscapes and architecture and still life work. There are lots of individual and group projects to practise effective use of props, controlling light and a range of camera techniques.


Visual Technologies

More than ever before, it is the SME’s (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) who are driving advances in technology and due to the scale of their operations, are demanding an ever increasing range of skills from their employees.

We engage the expertise of additional consultants who are specialists in areas concerning optical engineering to produce a set of primary and secondary school based workshops that bring together the skillsets of creative arts with medical healthcare, medical technology, consumer based optics and engineering.


DSCN0920Innovation in Photography (separate programme for Primary)

We use photography and visual media to bring these topics to life in a fun and engaging way. Visual media is accessible to a wide range of pupils and allows them to express themselves at a level that suits their personal abilities. This programme takes our Digital Photography course, which gives pupils a great introduction into how to use a camera and take better images, but extends it, through the integration of Maths and Science into the world of Optical                                                                                                                              design and Aerospace Engineering.

Introduction to Digital Creations

We are living in the eye of a digital storm, in a world which is changing almost daily and where new ways of expressing ourselves are seemingly boundless. There is a ceaseless demand for people with the skills to exploit these opportunities. This course addresses those needs and is designed to provide you with the skills in interactive media content creation, interactive design, digital media production and digital media project.


Introduction to Digital Photography

This course is at the heart of what we offer. In a fun, informal and educational way, it gives pupils an in depth insight into how a camera works and the knowledge and skills to improve their images through basic photographic principles.


hhgVisual Sciences

As the name suggests, this programme goes further by constantly evolving through the activities of the links that are made between schools in all parts of the world. This is a unique opportunity to become involved in a project in which there are no limits. It will involve forming a partnership with schools overseas to develop students as global citizens. We’ll look at global issues that relate to visual arts including social action campaigns and also looking at current events and topical subjects presented in such a way to inspire students to advocate for social change.


Discovering Imaging in Global Education

We work with schools, governments and international organisations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.


DSCN0075Bite Size Editions

Each bite sized module edition provides a taster of the wider learning programme of the same name. These accredited workshop style sessions are designed for teachers to download and deliver in the classroom. The sessions are designed as 1 hour through to 6 hours of teacher contact time. The material is suitable for ages 7 – 11 year olds. See the range of Bite size editions. Contact us for the individual edition fees.


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