Licensee Division

IP Licensee Division

Why become an Imaging Partnership Education licensee?

IP Education is a well-developed license system that as we have already proven, is adaptable to many different models and markets.

We want to hear from people who have the ability to collaborate with us and make the most of the potential this offers. If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you!

There are some amazing advantages to being an Imaging Partnership Licensee, which include:

  • Building your own photography business through an extensive rosta of new clients
  • Building upon your own business brand
  • Creating your own bespoke curriculum programs with help from our education team
  • Having a proven, accessible, turnkey successful business system created for you, in your own geographical area
  • Upselling existing products from Imaging Partnership to your local schools, colleges and Universities.
  • Delivering a high profit margin photography service yourself or with partners who you recruit
  • Having Imaging Partnership help recruit additional practitioners for you to deliver learning programmes across the region
  • Having an experienced helpdesk provider work with you for any ongoing support you require for when working in the education sector
  • Selling learning programs for as much as you want to, into schools

Imaging Partnership will also help you with marketing to schools via our innovative email system, Edu Post.

We administer the bookings for you and provide all of the training materials and lesson plans for you.