Woodrush High School, Birmingham

Partnership project

The focus of the workshop was to support students with their course work on the topic of ‘identity’. By using photographic imagery, students explored their own identity and the way the media represents the way people look. The workshop also looked at photography and the creative arts as a potential career path using the experiences of the IP facilitator as examples of how this could develop.

 What the teachers said

It was a very valuable experience to see what professional photography means in terms skills required to move you forward in that area for a career. It certainly engaged the students and gave them another career option to consider.”

What the students said

I loved the section where we had a Q and A session on the business side of creative arts and how this could work for each of us and our talents in different ways. I thought it was unique.

Going forward

The workshop was very well received and considered to be a great success with students. A repeat workshop is planned for the next year group to fit with their coursework.