Quainton Primary School, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

In addition, to the after school workshops, a one day intensive workshop was designed by Imaging Partnership to encourage the girls to get deeper into their artwork and in turn inspire the younger pupils in the school to take up GCSE photography. Everyone involved learned a wealth of new skills and all of the work produced with the support of Imaging Partnership contributed to the school becoming an Arts Award Accreditation Centre.

Imaging Partnership is an accredited supporter of Arts Awards issued by The Arts Council. Arts Awards inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents and they are creative, valuable and accessible. Photography and visual arts resources supplied and delivered by Imaging Partnership reflect the Arts Council’s aspiration for young people to meet their potential.

The brief to Imaging Partnership was to provide valuable content for the school’s Enrichment Week through the prism of photography and cinematography. The finished work contributed towards the school becoming an Arts Award Centre to work towards awards and art based certificates.