Sir Robert Woodard School, West Sussex

Partnership project

The theme was ‘Our school life’. Students captured images of all aspects of school activities from sport to drama. The resulting images contributed to a school photography library from which chosen images have been printed on canvas and are now proudly displayed on walls around the school.

What the teachers said

We have used IP for two sets of 6-week photography after-school sessions, to students aged 11 to 18, and I can say they were both brilliant and received excellent feedback from the students.

The IP practitioners a highly professional, expert photographers/photography teachers who relate well to the students and have exceeded all our expectations. Over 50 students have benefitted from the exciting and challenging courses. We have now started GCSE photography courses which have become oversubscribed.

The IP team comply with all our stringent safeguarding expectations.  They were punctual, well prepared and their session content was well-paced and well structured. Evidence of student learning was clear.

What the students said

It was really great to work in such a large group in our drama department. I liked that we could ask the practitioners anything that was on our minds and they would answer honestly without trying to make it complicated.