King Edward High School for Girls, Birmingham

 Partnership project

The content was chosen by the students and it ranged from studio portraiture, landscapes, documentary, wildlife, lifestyle and advertising (particularly fashion) photography. The girls learned a variety of photography techniques using their own digital cameras which was directed into their AS and A2 Level Art projects. Photographs from the workshops were also chosen to contribute to the school magazine.

What the teachers said

We showcased the girls’ photography work on one of our open days and it was very well received by prospective parents. It was a wonderful course and promoted the idea of visual arts greatly throughout the school.

 What the students said

This course has inspired me to be a photographer when I finish my studies!

Going forward

The enthusiasm and natural talent has planted the seed for students to consider and explore career opportunities
in the visual arts industry. It has also inspired students to look at creative approaches to presenting their thoughts
and ideas by using photography as a way of telling a story.