Holy Trinity School, Worcestershire

IP was briefed that the photography sessions met with clear criteria. The two hour sessions were to be designed to be non-competitive, accessible to all, voluntary, flexible, balanced, progressive, achievement focused, develop personal development and be enjoyable!

Parents and teachers joined in to develop their own photography skills.

As well as learning the basics of how to get effective shots with a digital compact camera, the group working towards their Duke of Edinburgh award completed a joint project based on ‘identity’. With the support of the IP practitioner, students learned to capture a range of portraits shot in different ways with different backgrounds and viewpoints. This tied in with their A Level art curriculum project work. At the end of term, the photography was displayed as a showcase for fellow students, parents and visitors to view.

What the teachers said

“Photography was the subject of choice for the students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Running the course in the evenings was great because parents and teachers could get involved and benefit from the learning experience too.”


What the students said

“Photography proved to be a really enjoyable basis for our Duke of Edinburgh work. We learned lots, were able to be creative and got to know each other well as a group.”