Hinckley Wood School, Esher, Surrey

The project was initially taken art students aged 15 and 16. Imaging Partnership was invited into school to work with the students to learn photography techniques to help create photographic landscapes and documentary shots. During the eleven weeks pf photography workshops, students learned how to take effective photographs using digital cameras. They also learned advanced lighting techniques and a range of new skills to enhance their photography work.

At the final weeks of the workshop programme, students selected their most effective images and had them made into a series of nineteen A1 sized panels which were displayed as a gallery in school.

In was then the turn of the students who make up the school’s orchestra to contemplate the panels and together compose a soundtrack that ‘told the story’ of the imagery.

Head of Art at the school, Norina Mingoia said “This was an ambitious and highly creative project. In all, there were nearly 100 students involved over autumn term.  Everyone had their part to play and the resulting artwork and music is a joy to behold.

“Students were very highly engaged and found the project very absorbing, creative and satisfying. They are genuinely proud of the result. Friends and family got involved too. They were invited to view the artwork and listen to the accompanying soundtrack. Afterwards the soundtrack was available to buy online as a digital download.  This has generated several hundred pounds income for the school which will be re-invested to support the student’s learning.

This art and music project has been so successful for all concerned, that we intend to repeat the initiative next year.”