Hazel Slade Primary School, Cannock, Staffordshire

A group of 12 students immersed themselves into science using photography as a vehicle for learning in a highly creative way. Over the six workshops, students covered Changing State, Earth, Sun, Moon, Electricity, Food Chains, Forces, Friction, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Growing Plants, Keeping Healthy, Light and Dark, Magnets, Plants and Animals, Rocks and Soils, and Variation.

Imaging Partnership used photography and visual media to bring these topics to life in a fun and engaging way. Visual media is assessable to a wide range of students and allows them to express themselves at a level that suits their personal abilities.

Pupils were encouraged to develop their own ideas to produce a final piece of work. Imaging Partnership aims to encourage positive behaviour and involvement within the workshops to achieve a higher standard of work, while also giving pupils one-on-one assistance where needed and encouraging asking for help when it is required.

The practical photography covered in the science workshops included –

Photographing silhouettes – exploring light and dark and the way this affects lighting for photography

Setting up a photo shoot of a healthy plate of food – focussing on the major food groups

Exploring pixels – how do they come together to make a photograph?

Exploring time lapse photography – watching a plant grow over time

Creating a photo composition – using rocks and soils

Summing Up – Putting together a summary of our projects and reviewing what we have learned in science