Edge Grove Independent School, Hertfordshire

Partnership project

The group worked to produce a film which would best showcase the school to potential students and parents. In small groups, they considered and planned what props and resources were required to film a sequence which would contribute to the finished 1 minute film.

Again in their groups, the students learned and practised camera techniques to get the most effective shots for their sequence.

Dedicated workshops were focused on acting and performing for the camera, directing skills and practising camera techniques.  The objectives was to capture the most effective shots for a series of sequences which were knitted together to create the finished 1 minute film.

What the teachers said

“The students were very engaged in this project. They enjoyed thinking about the challenges involved in making a film and got stuck in with the practical aspects of film-making”

What the students said

“I liked the acting best. Maybe I’ll be an actor when I’m older.”