Bromsgrove School, Worcestershire

Partnership project
The Summer School activities are different every year. In 2010, the Summer School Photography Club concluded with a fashion catwalk where children aged from 9 to 14 orchestrated the event and photographed it for a portfolio
to take home. In 2011, youngsters played photography games and produced individual and group projects. They
contributed their favourite photographs to make group collages and a CD was presented to each participant as a
take home memento. In 2012, the photography workshops were designed to appeal to a group of international
students where team work and collaboration whilst having fun was top of the priority list.

What the teachers said

The workshops have been very well received with our new intake of international students. The company
worked with children with 29 different speaking foreign language students and it was evident that their
collaboration and professionalism made sure each student worked well individually and as part of a team.

What the students said

It has been my favourite practical at the Summer School. I’ve been trying to get my friends interested in
this as well – we’re forming little interest groups because of it.

Going forward
IP is looking forward to further developing the collaboration with Bromsgrove School bringing a fresh approach,
creativity and innovative thinking to a wide age group with an international background.