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Our objective is to offer MBA / MSc programmes and resources that explicitly grow transferable skills in STEM related industries and technologies, from our focus on optics and imaging. These include: Aviation, Applied, Engineering, Informatics, Energy, Entertainment, Medical Healthcare, Robotics.

As part of our academic outreach programmes, IP wishes to recruit and train cohorts of apprentices in optical engineering at level 6 (top-up) and level 7 programmes in Management with Universities across the World.

As an international organisation, we actively look for strategic University partners to develop technical engineering skills embedded in the apprenticeship programmes within the management level, across these one year programmes. Our ultimate goal is to develop the management skills of the future leaders in this exciting sector.


What is Optical Engineering?


Optical Engineering is a cutting-edge hi-tech sector that spans traditional industrial engineering, creative industries and the arts. It focuses on applications of optics and it is one sector seeing exponential growth over the past decade. All consumer mobile devices have lenses of one type or another, and as vehicles become more and more autonomous, the applications of digital lenses to measure spatial distance will diversify and grow.

Optical Engineers design components of optical instruments such as lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and other equipment that utilize the properties of light. Other devices include optical sensors and University lecturemeasurement systems, lasers, fiber optic communication systems and optical disc systems (e.g. CD, DVD).

Engineers often use general computer tools such as spreadsheets and programming languages, and they make frequent use of specialized optical software designed specifically for their field.


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