Enrich for success

Our enrichment based workshops complement the school’s academic curriculum and to enhance the student’s educational experience. Enrichment activities provide a setting to become involved and to interact with other students, leading to increased learning and enhanced development. Our activities are no exception and teacher feedback confirms that our resources, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, have a positive impact on the students’ emotional, intellectual, social, and inter-personal development.

With a focus on varied topics, students also develop skills specific to their chosen career path and pave the way to future job success. Future employers seek individuals with these increased skill levels, making these engaged students more attractive in the job market.


We can provide you with 6-38 weeks of classes on any topic from our selection of programmes. Please, have a look at our list of divisions to see which programmes complement your curriculum.


We aim to:

  • Provide students with broad, balanced, relevant, and progressive education enrichment, delivered in a dynamic way
  • Encourage students to enjoy learning and become independent, self-motivated learners, achieving the highest standards of which they are capable
  • Provide quality opportunities for students to develop as happy, active, healthy, confident, creative individuals