Educational Intelligence Service

After many years working within the UK education sector, we are now offering a bespoke educational intelligence service to forward thinking education institutions around the world.

We can provide learning institutions with essential foresight on the changing needs, attitudes and values of the education sector and the macroeconomic context in which it sits.

This provides independent schools with up-to-the-minute market intelligence, tapping into emerging trends and market forces to provide vital information to support their forward planning and opportunities for business development and growth. We explore the context in which top learning institutions will operate in the future, delivering intelligence to strengthen your strategy, planning and execution.

Our approach is a combination of research and consulting that enables engagement and collaboration between learning institutions, business and the student body.

We provide a bespoke and tailored service to deliver the research and intelligence you need, so every project is different.

Our Educational Intelligence Service report is delivered in a clear, easy to read format, rich in visual content which provides critical foresight for your school.