Career Pathways Division

Career Pathways Division


All of our programmes include 6 weeks of workshops; however, length of the programme can be tailored to your specific needs.


For all student age groups:

Emerging Pathways

Small Innovations – Students and Teachers create small innovations based within emerging industries

‘Connect with the expert’ – video conferencing

Emerging Pathways Package – video conferencing – developing career pathways for students with art based skills, talents and passions

Master overview of Emerging Pathways Package

Other Programmes

Optical Innovations

Financial Literacy

High performance coaching in Film-making


For Primary Schools:

How to look after your money

Do the Maths

Science workshop


For Secondary Schools:

Direct Application

Indirect application


Sixth Form and Further Education programmes:

Sixth form and FE Pathways Programme



Engineering Day

Fashion and Textiles Day

Optical Industry Day

Photoshop overview – Intermediate

Photoshop overview – Advanced

iPad/Tablet workshop

iPad or Android tablet device training

Creative iPad workshop

Tablet Training



Comprehensive Training Package

If you are looking for a more comprehensive service than we can offer you our flagship package. Click here to read more.