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Who Are We?

Imaging Partnership Education is a leader in visual arts based education resources and learning programmes. IP Education is now taking Imaging and Optics into international education by providing top quality learning resources and fully accredited programmes for English speaking classrooms around the world. As part of our education programmes, students create, design and produce small innovation projects to be showcased within their school and the wider community.

Students from age 7 to 18 are learning how to translate new imaging based skills gained on IP Education learning programmes and workshops into their daily lives and into career opportunities.

Our programme titles reflect STEM industry sectors for students with an interest or aptitude for digital Imaging or Optics. Everyone has the chance to shine on our learning programmes.

We have made provision for a range of learning styles and abilities. We work with school on providing tailored approach to individualised curriculum. Bespoke class plans can be included for visually impaired children. Our programmes enhance life skills and promote personal effectiveness in areas such as time management, resourcefulness, flexibility, social skills, initiative, productivity and leadership.

We have built up an excellent reputation within both Primary and Secondary school sectors in the UK.

At glance 

  • 11,000 Schools
  • 300 + Educational Programs
  • 11 Worldwide Countries
  • Over 7,000 pupils taught per week


Where we came from?

We started in the UK in 2009 with our online learning resource Picture Train which is still steaming along! Sister company Imaging Partnership (IP) was born a year later, providing practical workshops and accredited learning programmes delivered by our own expert practitioners or by teaching staff in schools.

Driven by the demand by schools, our work has now evolved into the amazing world of Optics and Digital Imaging. With IP Education, schools around the world are now integrating Digital Imaging into the classroom and helping students to prepare for pathways into exciting new careers in STEM Industries that involve Optical and Digital Imaging skills.

See our pictorial yearbooks showing our work in schools over the years.

To discover more of what we are about, read our Vision, Mission, Values

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What do we offer?

We supply products such as learning programmes direct to schools via digital download or CD/DVD. We deliver programmes into schools through our Education Practitioners.

We can deliver our programmes in a range of formats to suit your learners. These include: audio programmes, e-books, instructor guides, teleseminars, DVD programmes, subscription and membership programmes, webinars, live events, speaking presentations, on-line courses, coaching and consulting and Mastermind programmes. We are currently developing blended learning programmes which will provide a ombination of face to face, live video conferencing and experiential learning opportunities (learning by doing) and also in different environments. These new blended learning resources will be delivered to take account of the range of learning modalities.

We are able to provide you with 6-36 weeks of workshops, depending on your specific requirements and needs. In addition to that, all of our programmes include modifications to cater for G&T as well as lower ability students.


Imaging Partnership Education International falls into three categories:

  • Programmes: (for primary and secondary schools) Structured courses, delivered by certified practitioners, that engage and uncover industries of the future
  • Qualifications: Rigorous qualifications, from Entry 1 to level 4, approved by the national regulators for England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales), Northern Ireland (CCEA) and Scotland (SQA).
  • Development Courses: (for Secondary School level only) Accredited courses for high-achieving individuals or small numbers of learners.

See our Programmes

All of our programmes are designed to follow the national curriculum.


Why Optics and STEM?

Increasingly, industries around the world require Imaging skills.Medical Healthcare, Biotechnology, Optical Engineering and Camera Innovation are great examples of Imaging in action. Our learning programmes align Imaging with STEM subjects to provide a robust foundation for future study or more direct pathways into the world of work.

Having an understanding and exploring Imaging from a young age provides a competitive advantage for students, whatever their ability levels. On an immediately practical level, imaging expertise can transform a good project into an outstanding project.

One challenge for IP Education is to help young people recognise how the Science, Design and Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, subjects that they study at school can lead to rich and varied career pathways through an interest and aptitude in Optics. See an overview of how Careers in Creative Industries can develop and lead into Emerging Industries.


Why IP Education?

See our latest Impact Report – giving an overview of the difference we make in schools.

We aim to engage students in their creativity in a manner not always addressed within the school environment.

We aim to produce tangible results for our students that help the school with their wider goals / objectives.

We aim to provide support for teachers who are time constricted and need additional support (both directly and indirectly). We aim to make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of each school, teacher, parents and student we work with.

Read about our Testimonials


Our Promise

IP Education will create an outstanding learning environment where students will be passionate and committed to developing the creative skills required for a career in Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology.

It is our objective that IP Education students will become:

  • Successful team leaders • Confident and resilient learners • Positive with ’can do attitudes‘ • Creative, caring and enterprising • Technical and reaching high academic standards

Our programmes promote activities which both broaden and enrich the compulsory curriculum offered by Imaging Partnership Education. We are continuously promoting enrichment activities which will fulfil a social, cultural, charitable educational role and we ensure that all teachers receive appropriate resources and plans in relation to the activities being offered.

We engage the students by involving, influencing, inspiring and providing products that can be purchased at fair prices.

We aim to understand the language of lens based media, communicate this to students and integrate their skill sets into our career education programs.

We respond to national agendas and initiatives designing appropriate courses to meet the student’s needs.

We continue to develop an appreciation and understanding of artistic activities beyond the school community to bring awareness of where creative skills can lead to later in life within STEM related industries.

We want our customers to be inspired with the choice IP Education offers, excited by the innovation Imaging Partnership Education provides and satisfied with the service and reliability of every interaction with Imaging Partnership Education. Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superb customer experience.

We make the following guarantee: We will supply easy-to-understand learning packages and resources.


We are working very hard to serve you better and listen carefully to your feedback. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this Guarantee or about your experience with us, we invite you to share them with us by sending us an e-mail.

Click here to see our Quality assurance for schools policy.


Working in Partnership with you

Our aim in working in partnership with you is to support and develop the next generation of world class Engineers, Designers and Scientists through innovative, inspirational, technical and practical learning.

Tap into the valuable learning outcomes that our Learning Programmes offer.  See the overview of learning outcomes that are achievable for all students, for all abilities, for life. What schools achieve through I.P

IP Education works with a variety of suppliers to source all of our products and services necessary for our business operations. We work with our suppliers on innovative and effective methods of obtaining lower costs for the highest quality goods and services and we are committed to building sustainable global and regional supplier partnerships to reach our goals.

See Our Partnership Model.  Our programmes are designed in partnership with educationists and experienced teachers. We are fortunate to have an expert panel on hand to help us shape our resources to meet the needs and aspirations of today’s learners and their teachers.

We also work with PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations) who see the value of our programmes and the enrichment of the learning for students.

For more information on what we provide in the UK, see our UK case studies or international case studies

See our promotional video.

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Adding Value

IP Education helps teachers to create a valuable income stream for their school. A popular way to do this is to deliver teaching resources in extra-curricular time, such as after school, and charge attendance at the sessions on a per pupil basis. This often creates special interest clubs for students.

We can help promote these clubs by supplying marketing materials to schools to publicise the workshops to students and to parents. Our helpdesk is on hand for schools who want to know more about our resources and how best to deliver them in school.

See our range of professional development programmes for teachers. Give yourself the opportunity to gain a professional advantage and learn something new in just a day or over a multi-week programme.


Our Partners

STEM Learning

We are working with STEM Learning, the largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Getting students involved in competitions and challenges are a fantastic way of engaging them with STEM subjects, whilst building their confidence, teamwork and practical skills. Click here for the latest Competitions and Challenges.

STEM Learning is offering the STEM Inspiration Awards, a free award scheme, designed to celebrate individuals and organisations working to inspire young people in STEM subjects.

Science Mark is a quality standard designed to recognise and celebrate inspiring practice in secondary science departments and FE colleges across the UK.

To keep up to date with latest STEM, read News and Views or subscribe to the STEM Magazine

STEM Insight placements provide a unique opportunity for education staff to experience life in a modern industry or a leading university. 

The organisation is also providing support for post-16 and FE and further professional development. Higher Education and Technician’s Educational Development (HEaTED) is the UK’s leading provider of professional development and networking opportunities for all disciplines of the technical workforce.



Our Policies

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How to order from IP Education?

Please call us between 8.00am – 6.00pm GMT on our switchboard: +44 1562 730 696 or contact your by email – see our contact page