About us

About Us

We are offering programmes and resources that explicitly grow skills in Emerging Industries and Technologies, based on our educational expertise within the subjects of Imaging and Optics.

Students from KS1 to KS5 are learning how to translate new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based skills gained on the IP learning programmes and workshops into their daily lives and their chosen career paths.

As part of our education programmes, students create, design and produce small innovation projects to be showcased within their school and the wider community.


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Where we came from

We started in the UK in 2007 with our online learning resource Picture Train which is still steaming along! Our sister company Imaging Partnership (IP) was born a year later, providing practical workshops and learning programmes delivered by our own expert practitioners or by teaching staff in schools.

Driven by the demand of schools, our work has now evolved into the amazing world of Emerging Industries. We provide specialised learning programmes as well as a range of Imaging based products and services.

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Learning for Emerging Sectors

Our learning programme titles reflect established, growing and Emerging Industry sectors – particularly related to STEM. Everyone has the chance to shine on our learning programmes. We have made provision for a range of learning styles and abilities. Bespoke class plans can be included for visually impaired children.



Our Practitioners

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International IP

See how IP is working with schools overseas to bring STEM to the International classroom. If you are an International School and would like to introduce a new way of seeing the world, contact us.

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Our Guarantee

  1. We will treat you with courtesy and respect
  2. We will address your questions and queries as promptly and completely as we can, but certainly within 24 working hours
  3. We will supply easy-to-understand learning packages and resources and provide you with a clear invoice for payment

We are working very hard to serve you better and listen carefully to your feedback. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this Guarantee or about your experience with us, we invite you to share them with us by sending us an e-mail.

We supply products such as learning programmes direct to schools via digital download from the Cloud or CD/DVD.  These learning programmes are delivered by teachers. We also deliver programmes into schools through our own practitioners.

Tap into the valuable learning outcomes that our Learning Programmes offer.  See the overview of learning outcomes that are achievable for all students, for all abilities, for life.

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For more information or to discuss your current requirements, contact: enquiries@imagingpartnership.co.uk or call us on (+44) 01562 730 696.